Sunday, July 8, 2012

Welcome to Pope's Place

I'm writing this blog so that I can share what I have learned throughout my eleven years of teaching.  I would like to have a place to share things that have worked for my students and I.  I teach K-4th grade music in a rural school in Oklahoma.  We have approximately 450 students.  This is the first year, that I won't be teaching 5th graders.  Our district will be opening a 5th and  6th grade center this Fall.  So, this year will be a new experience especially in regards to choir.  I hope that you find something that helps you and feel free to share any suggestions that you may have.  I will be posting resources that I have found especially helpful for me.  I don't have textbooks since we are a new school.  So, I pull from things that I have gotten over the years and we have a wonderful PTO who has been great about helping me get anything that I need.  Thanks for stopping by Pope's Place.

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